Our Process

The outstanding quality of our Appalachian White Oak begins with careful selection of suppliers. These large production sawmills provide us with uniform and high-quality lumber which allows us to offer our customers a consistent product.

Unlike most of our competitors that use automated equipment, we manually inspect every board that comes onto our yard. All of our lumber is graded by hand on standards that exceed NHLA requirements. We pay special attention to all stages of the production process. Our 100% concrete yard is entirely under roof in order to keep lumber out of the elements. Green White Oak is stacked on evenly placed grooved sticks and then loaded into 1 of our 26 kilns. After kiln drying, lumber is inspected and packaged with care. Every bundle is prepared with wide bands, heat-treated pine skids, and end paint.

We process over 1 million board feet of Appalachian White Oak on a monthly basis in 4/4-16/4 thicknesses. We take pride in our products and we are always prepared to fulfill your need for quality hardwoods.

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